STEP ONE >> Connect.
Use the contact form below and we'll get notified as soon as you hit submit. We'll gladly meet with you at the 50 Donlands job site, or our favourite café in the village. You can CALL or email Ross MacLeod directly. Heck, COME SAY HELLO! We'll send you personal updates and update you on major construction milestones. 

>> 705.791.5075

STEP TWO >> Deposit and Offer.
50 Donlands is listed at $499,000 CAD. Simply have your lawyer draft your offer (Agreement of Purchase and Sale). Please send your offer to and instruct your lawyer to provide 24 hours irrevocable. With your offer, please provide a deposit of $15,000 CAD by way of certified cheque to Blue Sky Elevations Inc.

If you don't have a lawyer, you can click the following links to search YellowPages and Google. CALL US ANYTIME.

Let's Connect.

If you have any questions - please connect with us here: 

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